Lighting science knowledge: about the living room floor lamp related introduction

Sitting room floor lamp it is the illume lamps and lanterns that a kind can be put on the ground to undertake using actually. Like the sitting room floor lamp commonly it is to decorate be in the sitting room or it is a few rest areas in. Usually it can cooperate with sofa tea table to use, such words can satisfy the local illume of the sitting room, still can have the effect that adorning decorates domestic environment at the same time. Like the lamps and lanterns of this kind of type, what they decorate to the sitting room is very important, use this kind of floor lamp to be able to bring different illume feeling to whole sitting room, can let the person that be in among them enjoy different experience.

Like now domestic bedroom design can say and before completely different, people of present more advocate at contemporary and contracted wind. Basically the design inside to whole household is with fashionable and distinctive style will undertake design. And like this one kind of sitting room floor lamp its use can say very universal, this basically still be because of resemble this kind of floor lamp its distinctive modelling and the characteristic that go to the lavatory to use.

We know to a family will tell, the sitting room can say is the most important in whole household environment also be the place that stays most often. So to the sitting room such a special place, its lamps and lanterns choice can also say particularly important. Good lamps and lanterns can add luster to whole household environment, to this kind of sitting room floor lamp what it USES is the way of a kind of local illumination, it does not pay attention to comprehensive sex, and what emphasize is mobile convenience, if the person in the sitting room he USES this kind of floor lamp, can move at any time anywhere. This kind of floor lamp can satisfy their illume demand very omni-directional, resemble this kind of floor lamp of course, it can say to the atmosphere of corner builds more practical.

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