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  • The difference between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps

    In addition to the difference in luminous principle between LED table lamps and energy-saving lamps, there are also significant differences in environmental protection and energy saving, service life and stability. Leds are more energy efficient than CFLS.Leds use 25 percent as much energy as CFLS, because ordinary CFLS still use a fraction of the electricity that is converted to heat, whereas LED lamps do not. The service life of LED table lamp is longer, the service life of the LED table bulb

  • Performance requirements for table lamps

    There are three main optical requirements for a writing desk lamp in its normal working position(1) ShadingBelow normal sitting position, the eye of the person looks to horizontal direction, should see the inner wall of chimney and illuminant;(2) Desktop illumination requirementsThe working area illuminated by the desk lamp should be 250Lx -- 500Lx, and the low illumination should be ≥120lx.(3) Uniformity of illuminationShould ensure the working area that is illuminated by desk lamp, illuminanc

  • Lighting science knowledge: about the living room floor lamp related introduction

    Sitting room floor lamp it is the illume lamps and lanterns that a kind can be put on the ground to undertake using actually. Like the sitting room floor lamp commonly it is to decorate be in the sitting room or it is a few rest areas in. Usually it can cooperate with sofa tea table to use, such words can satisfy the local illume of the sitting room, still can have the effect that adorning decorates domestic environment at the same time. Like the lamps and lanterns of this kind of type, what the

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