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  • How to repair the broken LED lamp?

    LED lamp segment energy, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, has become the common home users most like a kind of luminous. LED lamps are more commonly used, whether reading by oneself or children learning their homework. What do we do when the LED lamp breaks down -- change the light? There is no need to! In fact, the maintenance of LED lamp technology is not high difficulty, ordinary people can operate. Today xiaobian specific to tell you about LED lamp fault treatment.一. How to rep

  • Living room droplight common style has what

    1. Modern fashion chandelier:Perhaps contemporary has a lot of people to like atmosphere, costly Europe type style to live in, but the droplight of contemporary style is more popular instead, because this market most droplight design is contemporary flavour is dye-enough, provided broad choice space and leeway for people.2. Chinese style chandelier:The droplight appearance of Chinese style is classic breath is thick mostly, bright agile, if outfit is in vestibular area, bright light feels and cl

  • What kinds of chandeliers are there?

    European candlestick chandelierThe crystal droplight of European classic style, inspiration comes from the candlestick illume way of ancient people, at that time people is to place a few candles on the tie yi that hangs. Many chandeliers today are designed in this style, but the candle has been changed into a light bulb, but the light bulb and lamp holder are still like candles and candlesticks.Crystal droplightCrystal lamp has a few kinds of types: natural crystal cut and ground modelling chand

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