The difference between LED lamps and energy-saving lamps

In addition to the difference in luminous principle between LED table lamps and energy-saving lamps, there are also significant differences in environmental protection and energy saving, service life and stability. Leds are more energy efficient than CFLS.

Leds use 25 percent as much energy as CFLS, because ordinary CFLS still use a fraction of the electricity that is converted to heat, whereas LED lamps do not. The service life of LED table lamp is longer, the service life of the LED table bulb with qualified quality can reach 10,000 to 20,000 hours, and the same energy-saving lamp, its service life is between 6,000 to 10,000 hours.

LED lamps are more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the essential luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps. With the growth of use time, the sealing of energy-saving lamps will appear, and the mercury in them will evaporate into the air, causing air pollution. LED desk lamp does not have this respect problem completely, use safety environmental protection. LED desk lamp in seismic lightning protection performance to far more than energy-saving bulbs. Voltage instability caused by the continuous switch on the LED lamp is far less than the impact of energy-saving lamps.

And energy-saving lamp if frequent switch, service life will be greatly reduced. At present, one of the major obstacles to LED promotion is that the price is too expensive. For ordinary users, the performance such as service life, energy saving and environmental protection cannot be intuitively observed after all, only the price can be intuitively felt. However, considering the advantages of the LED lamp mentioned above, the cost of installation is also acceptable. After all, its service life is so long, and it is stable and not easy to break. In the long run, it is cheaper than buying energy-saving lamps.

Are CFLS really energy efficient?

1. In the long run, LED is definitely better. Although the price is high, it has a long life, saves electricity, and is environmentally friendly. The life span is about 5 times as long as that of ordinary lamps.

2. Which is better, LED CFLS or ordinary CFLS? From which point of view, LED CFLS are more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly and have a longer service life, but their price is relatively high, which is difficult for ordinary families to accept

3. At present, ordinary energy-saving lamps are still commonly used. LED desk lamps are a growing trend, but the market is not yet mature.In comparison, ordinary CFLS produce more pollution than leds. LED lamps also last longer.

4. LED table lamp, high-grade, durable, beautiful, super energy saving, environmental protection

Compared with the two lamps, LED table lamp is inferior to ordinary energy-saving lamps. LED table lamp is not very good in terms of heat dissipation, while ordinary energy-saving lamp is indeed good in terms of heat dissipation. This is the shortcoming of LED table lamps, but now manufacturers are overcoming such defects of LED, and the development of radiator is also in progress.

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