Living room droplight common style has what

1. Modern fashion chandelier:

Perhaps contemporary has a lot of people to like atmosphere, costly Europe type style to live in, but the droplight of contemporary style is more popular instead, because this market most droplight design is contemporary flavour is dye-enough, provided broad choice space and leeway for people.

2. Chinese style chandelier:

The droplight appearance of Chinese style is classic breath is thick mostly, bright agile, if outfit is in vestibular area, bright light feels and classical breath brings cheerful mood to the person, the design of Chinese style passes lamplight project, be like a dream like unreal, make the mood that you be restless for it is comfortable.

3. Crystal chandelier:

The droplight of this kind of type got the love of broad people, the crystal that its glittering and translucent get rid of appears, the lamplight effect that be like a dream is unreal, not only downy, and very beautiful, crystal lamp is divided into again natural crystal cuts wear modelling droplight, heavy lead crystal blow model droplight, low lead crystal blow model droplight; Crystal glass mid-range chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-casting cutting chandelier, crystal glass chandelier bar.

4. European style candlestick chandelier:

The droplight of this kind of type has the modelling of atmosphere and expensive gas colour, give a person a kind of noble temperament, the design inspiration of candlestick droplight completely comes from the candlestick that ancient people USES.

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