How to repair the broken LED lamp?

LED lamp segment energy, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, has become the common home users most like a kind of luminous. LED lamps are more commonly used, whether reading by oneself or children learning their homework. What do we do when the LED lamp breaks down -- change the light? There is no need to! In fact, the maintenance of LED lamp technology is not high difficulty, ordinary people can operate. Today xiaobian specific to tell you about LED lamp fault treatment.

一. How to repair the broken LED lamp

1. Judge the bad degree of LED lamp

First of all, it is necessary to see to what extent the LED lamp is broken. If only the lamp bead is broken and doesn't work, it means that there is a problem with the LED lamp resistance, and the lamp bead and resistance of the LED lamp need to be replaced.

2. LED lamp belt cannot be switched normally

The lamp can normally switch between dark and light. If the LED lamp can't switch properly, it could be the governor. In this case, we first check the interface carefully to see if it is loose, and then check if the governor is broken. Replace the governor if it breaks; If the interface is loose, just tighten the interface.

3. The LED lamp bulb did not light up as before

If all the LED lamp beads are not as bright as before, it is likely that there is something wrong with the battery inside the lamp and it needs to be replaced with a new one. At the same time, check whether the cable of the LED lamp connecting the battery and power supply is damaged. If the cable is broken, replace it with a new one.

4, LED lamp lamp belt does not light

The light belt is not bright mainly divided into parts are not bright or all are not bright. If part of the LED lamp does not work, there are many reasons. For example, the circuit may be short-circuited in the process of transportation, which causes the lamp bead to be broken. There is transmission process did not do welding, if it is just such a reason, the lamp bead is not bright below the circumstance of blocking power supply cut off, prepare bidirectional plug to insert two ends can.

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